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PromoBlast - Revolutionary "Contact Ads" Submitter JUST LAUNCHED!!
The Revolutionary New Advertising Solution That Producing Unreal Response To Our Clients Daily""


Can you handle an UNSTOPPABLE FRENZY of "HOT" ready
"SPLASH THE CASH" visitors landing on your website daily?

Email 1,000,000 "Highly Responsive" Adexchange Users Daily..."Directly" To Their Best Contact Email Addresses...

"Contact Ads" Submitter Revolutionizes The Conventional Way You Reach The Masses Via A Single Point Type And Click Submitter!!

Theres absolutely no software to download everything is completely web-based! All mailings are sent directly from our "ultra high speed" servers via a single click of a button!!

"TRULY REVOLUTIONARY!!" - Send Directly To Adexchange Users Contact Addresses!

The New Wave Of Marketing Has Begun....

Our membership offers you AUTOMATIC mailings to "highly responsive" private adexchanges , we do not send your ad to the subscription email address like with other submitters our adexchange subscribers give us there best email address which you can contact them through...this is there admin contact address!!, we host
over 224+ adexchanges that have a combined membership base of 1,000,000+ users!!

This service beats all safelist submitters, blasters, email marketing methods hands-down, We are the first email marketing company to ever offer this type of service!!


Gain The Mind Blowing Response And Results You Seek!!

Proven Fact:

The conventional submitter is posting to users via there subscription email addresses, each internet marketer is wise enough to know that they will be getting bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of emails daily therefore they simply delete or auto clean there subscription email address nightly, no doubt just like you do yourself?

This then makes the response rate abysmal as nobody is reading the emails only deleting them!....Does this sound about right to you?

Our adexchange users gain very few emails daily therefore they are not bombarded with an endless amount of 89% of the Adexchange users take out the time to view
the ads! Not only this but the Adexchange admins have already gained the trust of the users so you don't have to!! This makes the response you will gain truly mind blowing!!

Don't stand for an endless cycle of poor response from the conventional submitter, use the "contact ads" submitter now and get your ads read first time and every time!!

Better still it only takes a single click of a button!!, thats the true power of promoblast!!

You send your ad directly to 1,000,000+ adexchange users contact addresses via our "revolutionary new, contact ad submitter", why should only adexchange admins gain the goldmine response? Now its your turn!, send your ad to 224+ adexchanges daily just as if you were the admin of all adexchanges!!

If You Are Sick & Tired Of ...
  • Having to join an almost limitless amount of adexchanges via a submitter and every time new adexchanges are added you have to repeat the process all over again?
  • Are you sick and tired of waiting endless amounts of time for a submitter to post to adexchanges and at most times the submitter times out and does not post your ad at all?
  • Are you tired of paying a monthly fee for an adexchange submitter one which is again tedious and time consuming to setup? Are you sick of having to clean your inbox at the end of it all with no positive results from your the submitter is sending to adexchange users "THROW AWAY" Un-Responsive subscription email addresses?
If So, Then We Have The Ultimate Solution For You ...

The Revolutionary New "Contact Ads" Submitter Is Here...

Never Again Do You Have To Join Another Adexchange, Validate Another Adexchange Account, Login To Another Adexchange And Wait Frustrating Amounts Of Time For Your Ad To Be Sent To Adexchanges!!

With our cutting edge "contact ads" submitter, you will be reaching over 1,000,000+ "highly responsive" adexchange users daily via their contact addresses, no longer do you have
to sit and hope your ad gains the response you need, your ad is
sent directly to 224+ adexchanges just as if you were admin of them all
(these are admin contact ads) and better still it only takes a single click of a button, it really is that simple!!

Theres no adexchanges to join or validate, no more waiting frustrating amounts of time for your ad to be sent to adexchanges, its instant with us...Our technology is truly revolutionary you simply join our "contact ad" submitter, login and blast your ad via a single click of a button!!

Better still you will never be bombarded with an almost obsurd amount of return emails like you are with the conventional safelist submitter, with our "Contact Ad" submitter you are
not joining the adexchanges, you are simply blasting your ad just as an admin would
to his adexchange members therefore you will not have to join, validate or login to adexchanges ever again!!

Just Imagine How Much Time And Effort You Will Save By Implementing Our New "Contact Ads" submitter?? PromoBlast is revolutionizing adexchange marketing forever!!

Never pay for advertising ever again!!
Let our network of Adexchange owners build you
a constant stream of fresh, targeted opt-in prospects
for you to advertise to daily!!

Did you know as each of the 224+ adexchanges we host gains a new signup you gain a new
targeted opt-in prospect to send your ad to daily? Yes its true! You will be sending to
every single safelist member
(via thier contact address) of the 224+ adexchanges we host,
therefore as any of the 224+ adexchanges grow in anyway, shape or form so does your
targeted opt-in audience!!

If each of the 224+ adexchanges only receive 30 new signups daily you would be gaining an
amazing 60,060+ fresh targeted opt-in prospects to send your offers to daily everyday!
That's over 420,420+ fresh, new targeted opt-in prospects weekly!!
Can you imagine what that kind of advertising
fire-power will do for your online business?

Do you have a product or service that hasn't produced the sales you thought it would due to a lack of "highly responsive" targeted traffic landing on your website?

If so then we can dramatically change that starting right now!

Proven Fact:

Our service will create an avalanche of "highly responsive" targeted traffic to your
website, all you need to do is join our "contact ad" submitter, login, blast your ad
and simply sit back and wait for the avalanche of traffic to begin landing on your website
at a mind blowing pace!

Use the sheer power of promoblast now and create an avalanche of traffic to your website
via a single click of a button!! Generating hordes of traffic to your site just can't get any
easier, this is website promotion at its very best!!

Are you getting tired of watching the orders trickle in?

Grab Your "PromoBlast" Membership Just Like The "Big Boys" Do And Watch Your Sales Soar Out Of Control!

Just Look At Some Of The Features And Benefits You Gain As A Member!!
  • Email 30,304,000+ targeted prospects every month.
  • Email 1,000,000+ targeted prospects every day!
  • All it takes is a single click of a button!!
  • No adexchanges to join, no accounts to validate, no waiting endless periods of time for your ad to be sent to the adexchanges!!
  • You will gain mind blowing response as your ads are sent to all adexchange users contact addresses not to "throw away" subscription addresses like with the conventional submitter!!
  • Powerful and easy user friendly interface. 
  • No hassles! Instant delivery! Absolutely NO waiting! 
  • Mail directly from our server! 100% Risk-Free!  
  • You can use our system once every day! 
  • You can use our system market all of your products and services! 
  • Plus Much Much More...
Are you ready to blow the doors down at your website and flood it with a frenzy of adexchange traffic reaching over 30,000,000 and more subscribers monthly and this is for a lifetime!!

How much is the legendary promoblast submitter for access to reaching over 30,000,000 contact addresses monthly??

We charge a one time fee of $47 to reach a massive 224 (and growing)
adexchanges daily, you only ever have to pay a one time fee to
access the contact ad submitter for a lifetime of usage!!

order below now via paypal which accepts all major credit cards!!

order below now for a one time fee of $47, once
you have ordered you will be given instant access to the membersarea and submitter!!

Once purchased you will gain instant access to the submitter!!

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